Polaroid collection

Woohoo, today another package arrived at our lovely home. Some ebay-sellers are really quite fast at sending out their articles. It took us almost an hour to unpack these lovelies and inspect them. Then we spent the rest of our day to test them out.

From left to right: Polaroid SX-70, 1000, Supercolor AF 3500, Supercolor 670 AF, 636 Close-Up (new are No. 1, 2 &3)

We were thrilled to discover that all of them are in perfect working condition, although the SX-70 had once a meeting with some kind of floor. You can feel that the SX-70 is a real SLR-camera, because the lens focuses when you press the shutter button lightly and it makes that clack-clack sound upon taking a picture.
Here’s one of the first shots with an PX 70 Color Shade film:

The little Pterodactyl and me. Look how awesomely the SX-70 focuses on just the fingers and the plastic figure. Also: I have new glasses.

The Polaroid 1000 and 3500 already came with the flash, we just needed to insert 4 AA-batteries and they were working, too.
The autofocus of the 3500 works perfectly well, too. But unfortunately you cannot see what it focuses on and makes kind of unforeseeable pictures.

That's what I meant by unpredictable: The boyfriend wanted to take a photo of the weed, not the balustrade.

Anyway, I guess we will have lots of fun with these new cameras, especially because all the “new” ones use SX-70 film. ♥

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