Yes, finally my Fuji Instax 50s arrived! It already arrived yesterday, but I didn’t have time to open the package. And don’t forget I had to pay customs. Now it’s Friday, it’s the weekend and I have all the time in the world now, just my Instax and me. :D

See the first snapshot I took:

It’s a little Pterodactyl that was included in the box the camera came in as a little gift indicated as “Rawrrrrr”. Unfortunately I forgot to apply the close-up lense, otherwise it would’ve looked a bit cuter. I remember these plastic toys from my childhood, and I loved dinosaur plastic toys! What better way to make it look angry than the moment it starts flying from a mountain of sweets? ;)

Taking the photo was a bit irritating at first, I got used to these 30 year old Polaroid cameras by now, where you have to wait for at least 4 minutes until you can see a result. Plus, it was all-white at first and I got a bit confused if I did something wrong. Of course I didn’t read the manual…

Anyway, I guess I will have lots of fun with this cute-y camera!

2 thoughts on “Finally~

    1. Perhaps it was the Instax Mni 25 you’re thinking of. It’s just like the 7s, only a bit smaller, thinner and with more properties.

      Have a look at the comparison here. :)

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