Which one do you like better?

Fuuu, my last post is more than one week ago! Did you miss me already? ;)

What have I been up to lately you ask? Well, I sewed a lot as part of my birthday preparations. There was a 20% off-weekend at my favourite fabric store because of its 10 years of history. Good enough reason for me to buy 6 times 60cms of fabric! And here’s what I made with these:

Tea cosy no. 01
My very first tea cosy! The fabric with ballerinas on it is a Japanese kokka fabric.
Cosy no. 02. This is the Boyfriend's favourite, because it fits all sizes of tea pots. It might not look that way, but it's 4cm higher than the red one!

Which one is your favourite? You can find directions here  and here and if you decide to make one, please show me yours in a comment.

On the other hand, we went to the city flea market on Saturday, where we bought yet another tea cosy from the 1920’s (the other two are presents), an art deco-style wall clock which always shows 11:55 (so it’s not too late!), and an old painting for this DIY, which I can hopefully finish before my upcoming birthday. I love design*sponge‘s DIY tutorials! If you like craft and using old stuff to make something new, go have a look.

Oh, and yeah, lately I got myself a ravelry-account, too. Add me if you like!

2 thoughts on “Which one do you like better?

  1. I like the ballerina one better ^^
    Maybe cause I’m a girl haha :D

    But both look good! great job :)

    1. It’s also my favourite! Especially because there’s “Nous aimons le ballet” written on it (which is hard to see, I know).

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