Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Sarah and I live with my husband and many dust bunnies for pets in Germany, right between Cologne and Bonn.
Where do the dust bunnies come from you ask? They are mostly here because of all the wool flying around from me knitting. I started this hobby back in 2009 and never realized what I got myself into. Probably it was love at first stitch but I never stopped since my first garter stitch cowl and if I don’t have a project in my hands, you can bet there is one in my purse.
Discovering Ravelry in 2011 really broadened my horizon. By the end of 2014, my friend M. badgered me into submitting an idea to a knitting magazine. I’m really grateful to her for having done so, because my submission got accepted! Ever since then, I haven’t stopped thinking up new ideas for knitwear designs.

When I am not knitting I can be found working at a Japanese bookstore, where there is a lot of inspiration to be found everyday – be it the customers or a new stock of books we got in, it is really motivational.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or write me an email (see Contact).

I am most active on Instagram and Ravelry.

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