WIP Parade

Inspired by a recent post by Karen of Fringe Association fame (if you don’t already follow her, do so now!), I got the urge to pluck out all my works in progress (WIPs) and  take a picture. Well, it turned out that I needed not one but two pictures, because a) I didn’t have enough space to put them all in one photo and b) the size I’m knitting is large, I would have needed two pictures anyhow.

So, without further ado I give you picture numero uno.

Creamsicle and Pineapple
Creamsicle by Sarah Hurwitz (left) and a halfway blocked Pomme

That’s the Creamsicle cardigan I talked about last week on the left, knit up in the original yarn and turning out nicely so far. The back is done and I started the left front. There’s not much to say about it, I still don’t know what to think of bobbles and whether I like them or not, I just look forward to wearing this soon. The yarn is heavenly and knits up sooo fast.

On the right, there’s Pomme de Pin, designed by Amy Christoffers and I’m thrilled about this pattern. As many before me mentioned, Amy doesn’t hold your hand through knitting this, she doesn’t give line by line instructions for a specific section like you’re used to from other designers. Honestly, I find it really refreshing. It means that I have to figure out for myself how to knit certain parts of the sweater and count my stitches, so I end up at the specified stitch count (she did write those down).

Below, there’s the beginning of a sleeve, which I modified to be knit flat, just because I prefer it that way (and I didn’t have DPNs in the correct size *cough*). I’m a bit stuck because I probably need to add some stitches and I’m not sure if and how I want to do it.

The knitting bag on the right I sewed myself. It’s oilcloth fabric for possible sea knitting in the future and because it’s easy to care for. I always keep my project bags for a long time!

Now for the things that are currently on hold but that I still consider WIPs.

Red, green and blue or something
Messaline, Chicane and Walnut Whip

There’s Messaline by Bristol Ivy which I started on a whim back in December. I remember being really happy that I was done with the Christmas knitting and wanting to introduce selfish knitting time. I never even swatched (a big no-no!), I just bought some merino sock weight yarn at a LYS and cast on. After introducing the cables it was smooth sailing, so much so that I took it with me to a knit night.

Below, there is Chicane, designed by Cookie A. It’s an even older WIP which I was enabled to by a post on Ravelry. It just seemed the ideal sweater for my boyfriend, so I ordered Drops’ newly released merino/cotton blend and started it, also without swatching. I started the armhole shaping of the back on this one.

On top of it, you can see my Walnut Whip, part of the Oldest anything KAL that was hosted in the Whatcha Swatchin group. It was the oldest pattern in my queue and the very first yarn that I ordered from outside of Germany.
As you can see, I didn’t finish it in time, also because halfway through I wasn’t sure anymore if I knit the correct size. Once I got past the first welts on the back of the hat, I thought it was a bit too huge, even for my 21″ head.

Not in the pictures are two pairs of socks, but in my book socks don’t count. I only take them with me on travels and knit on them on and off. I have to knit at least 6 pairs a year that are not for me (birthday and Christmas gifts), so basically there are always socks on my needles.

I have to admit that I left out some projects that are occupying my needles and aren’t being worked on. It seems it’s about time to stash down the projects, rip some out and free some cables.
How many WIPs are on your needles? Or did you stop counting already?

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  1. Hey, all the projects from the first picture are finished now and I can not stop telling you how beautiful you look wearing them. :) Keep knitting.

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