Knit ALL the sweaters!

Not only do I have three different sweaters on my needles, no. I’m always lusting for new ones!

For example, as soon as I got the current issue of PomPom Quarterly into my hands (order yours here, it’s so worth it!), there were at least two sweaters and as many shawls inside that I wanted to cast on immediately. The shawl Baya is very high on my summer knit-list. Although it’s such a wide shawl I think it will be knit up in a breeze. And Creamsicle, well. I even gave up on my yarn diet and bought the recommended yarn for this. Don’t know what I was thinking really, but I just loved the fun bobbles on the front. I have yet to see if they’re even fun to knit. Never having knitted something before doesn’t deter me from trying them out, though. At least the designer promises great stuff in her post about her design.

Lately I’m much more into seamed sweater constructions (I have to thank Lori Versaci for this!) but I still haven’t given up on the top-down all-in-one thing yet. The only negative point I see with this kind of construction is that I have to lug around that huge piece of sweater. And most of the time that is far from practical and sometimes even irritating to knit. You just don’t know where to pack all of that knitting! Be that as it may, I got Laura Aylor’s Sun Rose jumper and Ankestrick’s Holsten to compare them both for their take on the contiguous method of starting a sweater. If I find the time, I might knit both and tell you which one I liked best.

And I don’t even know where to start with all the patterns that I bought lately. New things that made it into my library include Amy Christoffers’ New American Knits, Veera Välimäki’s Juniper and Laneway (although I don’t even know if the former is even sized up to my size) and loads and loads of mystery knitalongs. There are so many things floating around in my head that it’s hard to not start them all, riiiiiiight now.

What is your next project? Anything you are looking forward to? We are having a holiday weekend ahead of us, with many things planned but I hope to get at least one day of uninterrupted knitting in. It’s high time, since I also have a time-sensitive project on the needles. And it’s not even Christmas yet!


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