Some exciting things happening

The most exciting thing that happened in all of April was… a yarn exchange. You read that right, there is a nice women from the States who offered to exchange some yarn with me. We were going for something like 5 skeins each and then just send it to the other. Instead, we went a bit overboard and I might’ve asked for a sweater quantity of Loft somewhere along the way. I decided differently in the end, but more on that later.

Her package is still on the way, but here’s what was included:
Four beautiful skeins of De Rerum Natura Ulysse which is a locally sourced and carded French sport weight merino wool. Colors from left to right are nuit d’été, confiture de rose, plume de paon and genêt. I tried very hard to match the colors on my screen but they are just awesome if you can’t see it for yourself.

6 more skeins in poivre et sel as the main color for a cardigan.

Four skeins of their worsted weight Gilliat in poivre.

And of course I couldn’t resist ordering some for myself.
A sweater quantity (for my size) Gilliat in genêt. And I already cast it on, although now is really not the time. There is another big project going on which I cannot talk about right now. But the yarn for this won’t be here until the end of the week and I couldn’t help myself. This yarn is like butter in your hands! You hardly notice that you’re knitting it. It’s heavenly.
I actually wonder how it wears over time, it’s so soft. I might even have gotten the boyfriend to rub his face all over one of the skeins, just to show him how soft it is.

Back to the point, I need to get knitting now.

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