Yarn chicken

Hey, long time no see (or better yet, read)! It’s been quiet here for a while because I started a new job but mostly because there was nothing much to write about. The holidays came and went, even New Year’s caught me a bit by surprise due to being sick.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about Nuvem. It’s one of those really popular patterns with currently 3622 projects (2570 of those are finished objects). There are even people who knit one shawl after the other and I’ve seen Ravelers knit 3 or more of them.

Nuvem isn’t a pattern that would appeal to me usually. Something that calls for 1500 meters of thin yarn on medium sized needles is not something that grabs my attention. My interest is sparked by interesting lace patterns or constructions, even a mystery might intrigue me a whole lot. But not stockinette with no end in sight.
One of enugu’s versions seemed doable, though. 4.5mm needles, aran weight yarn – yes, this was it. During the next yarn shop sale I grabbed eight of those skeins and got started.


Actually I’m a bit torn over this knit, now that it’s finished. On the one hand, the literally kilometers of stockinette bored me to no end and I’m glad it’s over. On the other hand it was comforting to knit on it when I didn’t have anything else to knit on.
With two failed sweaters in the last two months I could actually use the comfort. Those sweaters got my knitting mojo so low that there were days that I didn’t knit!


Anyway, I made a huge effort the past week and monogamously knit away on my little cloud (yes, pun intended). Even with the sunshine luring me out, I knit on it in every spare minute, all the while thinking that I had more than enough yarn for this…
Until I got to the actual bind off. After finishing the recommended number of rounds for the edging, I was torn over whether or not I should add another round. It seemed like there was enough yarn left. But beware the bind off-round! It often takes double the yarn of a usual round and I was so afraid to run out on the last 100 stitches or so!


Seems like I won at yarn chicken this time. And what a relief that was, since I bought all of that dye lot back then! Usually I have leftovers so this whole game was new to me. How about you? Have you ever played yarn chicken? Or do you always buy an extra skein?

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