5 things I enjoyed this week

This past week was pretty busy for me and next week will be more so, but I wanted to take the time to write down a few things that I particularly enjoyed.

1. Reducing my stash
Although it doesn’t sound like it, cleaning out and reducing my yarn stash was infinitely fun and even a little liberating. Because I spontaneously decided to do so, the few hours it took flew by. I got to see everything I own, and edited out the skeins of yarn that I didn’t want to knit with anymore.
Like those skeins I got because I liked the fabric content, but not the colour. I always wanted to dye them over but never got around to do it. Or sock yarn that was an impulse buy (and who doesn’t have one or two of those skeins lying around?). In the end, there was a whole box filled with things that I could sell or give away.

2. Cleaning out a closet
This one proved really tricky and is unusual for me. I hate cleaning or sorting through things. But at my parents’ house, I still had an old closet filled with clothes and since my mother wants to use that bedroom for other purposes, I had to clean it out. This task took me several days to complete, deciding which clothes I still like and want to keep and which ones to give away. It was hard but afterwards I had five sacks of clothing to give to goodwill. It was a good feeling to not throw them away and to know they somebody, somewhere will still wear them. I even thanked the lady at the goodwill store, omitting that I thanked her for accepting my clothes. I guess she wondered what a strange person I was.

Usually I use this photo backdrop for yarn, so please excuse the sheep hair everywhere!

3. Being surprised
Usually, on my way back from my workplace, to my car, I call my husband. It’s a little catch-up for not talking to each other for a whole day. On Thursday, he said he had a little surprise for me. I hate surprises and love them at the same time. I hate the anticipation, I’m much too impatient to wait on a particular date or time to receive something or be told something. But I will love the result, the gift or the new knowledge.
Anyway, the husband surprised me with a necklace that was on my wishlist! I gave him the link before Christmas, because usually he doesn’t know what to get me. I don’t blame him – I’m difficult to shop for – so wishlists it is. But I was really surprised that he remembered the list and got me something that was on it. Also, this was the first time he got me jewelry since he got our wedding bands, so this is really special to me.

4. Childhood treats
I really don’t know what made me remember this, but the other day when I was grocery shopping I went by a particular sweet that we had often during our childhood. There were those chocolate marshmallows called “Dickmanns” and we used to heat them up in the microwave and eat them. During my teenage days someone told me that you could eat them as a spread, too and that’s what I did today:

5. Packing up
In the background of the last photo, you can see all the packing supplies I used this week. I got rid of most of the skeins of yarn this week by selling and mailing them. I love packing boxes and including little notes, so the recipient will look forward to unpacking his shipment. For the last one, I even plan on wrapping it like a gift, so it will hopefully be a nice surprise in the buyer’s mailbox.

Was there anything that you enjoyed this week? Lately I try to appreciate the little things, to make this never ending winter a little brighter.

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