Quarter of a century

After spending about two days in our little kitchen, my result was as follows:

Left to right: Roses Cake, Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting, S'mores and Sweet Potato Caupcakes, Sour Cream Cake (with 8 layers) and New York Cheese Cake

The Sour Cream Cake had 8 layers and was made by my lovely mother. Everything else was made by me with help from the boyfriend and we had loooots of backup in the kitchen left.

Overall, it was a really nice party. We had many a laugh and everybody died of sugar shock I think. As the evening advanced we all had Long Island Iced Tea as part of my tea party. Obviously I make pretty decent ones, because some people even drank two glasses. :)

For dinner we had pizza delivered, because I didn’t want any more standing in the kitchen. Some people even stayed over-night and we talked until 3 in the morning. When I got up after six hours of sleep, two of my guests had already done the dishes and cleaning up was really easy afterwards.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to the new member of the family, Corduroy‘s Action Mole!

She’s still a bit shy and doesn’t want to be photographed (that’s why she’s so blurry). Hopefully this will change in the future! But I guess she had lots of fun already yesterday, when one of my guests built her a flying carpet and her own private jet. It’s all so easy if you’re only 1 cm tall!

I hope all of you have a lovely Sunday!

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