Four more days

I cannot believe it’s the 26th of July already! Can you?

On Saturday, when we actually planned to go to somebody else’s birthday party, I suddenly thought of making a petticoat for my own birthday. I don’t know why but I had to make one! Actually in the one year that I own a sewing machine I haven’t had much experience sewing clothes (speak: none). I’d much rather sewn some small things, garlands, tea cosies etc.

Now I searched the internet but was a bit disappointed about what I found, so I made up a bit of my own version, but pretty close to the one you see in this image.

Sunday we spent almost the whole day doing these:

It’s a Martha Stewart Pom Pom Garland (not quite finished yet)! The Boyfriend had to seperate the layers of tissue for me and I did all the “assembly”. Now all that’s left is hang them. And from the tissue that’s left I hope to produce some cupcake toppers.

Yesterday I finally got around to realize the petticoat idea and bought some fancy tulle fabric, bias tape and a bit of jersey to round it up. This is what I have so far.

It's not finished yet, as are all other preparations... >.<

It looks pretty dreamy, right? Hopefully I can finish it tonight without having to cut much more tulle. I thought it would be more fun to produce clothes to be honest.

I wish you a pleasant Tuesday!

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