Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to anyone living in Germany!

For most of us this means that we have one day off. Many boyfriends and fathers gather to wander around with a barrel of beer on wheels and have fun. The Boyfriend and I will visit friends today for male/female activities. The boys will tinker with HAM stuff and us girls will talk and knit. :)

In preparation I’ve been shopping yesterday, originally just to buy some red onions that I was missing for dinner. I ended up buying two baskets of fresh blueberries because they smiled so nicely at me.

Of course I only bought the blueberries after a quick search through foodgawker, and at the sight of Blueberry Streusel Muffins I just couldn’t resist: I had to make these! Just the mention of streusel revives a childhood memory of mine.

Most of you know that I was a very picky eater as a child, even into my early adulthood. But baked goods and everything containing sugar, I couldn’t resist. So it was natural that my hands always grabbed into the box of streusel when my mother made streusel cake. It even went as far as my mother making a second batch of streusel, hidden in the fridge because she knew I would eat the first. Useless to say my mother made lots of streusel cake in my childhood – moreover it was her trademark cake that every friend of hers requested for their birthday. Really, my mother is a much better baker than cook, very much like me.

The beautiful measuring cups are from Anthropologie, which I bought on sale last year. I use them only rarely, because they feel so precious

This was my first time only using the American system of cups instead of meticulously measuring every ingredient to the gram. I love to follow recipes by word and that never failed me to date, so it was hard for me not to fall back into the metric system. At long last I was pretty happy with the result, although our oven went bonkers again and took almost twice as long for the muffins to finish. Except for the streusel which are made with brown sugar instead of white as is usual in Germany, they taste almost exactly like the ones Starbucks does. And I love me anything that tastes like Starbucks. <3 Perfect gift for the hosts today!

Don't you want to grab one?

Happy holiday everyone!

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