An FO! And Photolove

Hello and welcome to Moley HQ! ;) I’ve been working on multiple (secret) designs and ideas recently but I wanted to write a post anyway. May I distract you with some pretty?

Peanut baby vest close-up

This is the Peanut baby vest by tincanknits, the lovely designer duo originally from Canada but currently spanning the Atlantic. If you do not know their designs have a look at their homepage – it is chock full of helpful tutorials and inspiration.

This is their third design that I knit and it is always a delightful experience. I needed a gift for the Christening of a six month-old and since my experience in baby knitting is close to none I followed this pattern to the dot. And what can I say? It came out really pretty, although I was sceptical at first. The construction of the collar is really interesting and leads to a three dimensional object.

Baby vest (full)

The yarn that tincanknits used for their samples was The Uncommon Thread Merino DK which I have one skein of but I needed two for this project. I went stashdiving and found some Wollmeise Merino DK in Feldmaus and Jeton, which was a good substitute.

The week after the Christening an order arrived in my mailbox that I was really excited about. On Thursday, I had ordered prints at Photolove. They are a print service located in Hamburg who print out vintage-style photos. You can choose from your Instagram or Facebook feed or upload your own files from your hard drive and receive cute prints in a Polaroid style frame.

Photolove prints

Since all these photos were shot with some kind of DSLR I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the prints themselves, the pictures were pretty grainy and the paper they use is glossy. Perhaps the grain is what they mean by “vintage prints”. I am not a fan of glossy pictures but happy to have freed some memorable moments from their lives on a hard drive. And the service itself was excellent: the order included free shipping, arrived exceptionally quickly and the colors are true to what I saw on my monitor. All in all I’m happy with my order but do not know if I will order with them again.
My husbands’ friend owns a professional grade photo printer and he’s meticulous about the quality of his prints. I should place an order with him next!

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