Wollfaktor Ateliertag

So apparently it takes me a while to record the next episode and I at least wanted to give you an update about my short time in Cologne last weekend.

I’ve known about Wollfaktor for a few years already. Moreover, I knew about her “Ateliertag” as well, it’s like an open studio where you can touch her samples and fondle yarn. Lots of yarn!

Pictured on right: Qualities Luna (BFL/silk blend) and Luna XL (600g skeins of Luna)

I’d been meaning to go since I first heard of it, especially since Cologne is so close! Last weekend, we had an unexpected free afternoon, so I decided a short trip was in order. Unfortunately for me, I brought my husband when everybody else came by themselves. Michaela, the dyer and hostess, offered coffee and tea for everyone and people were sitting around knitting. It all had a really charming and cozy atmosphere. Possibly all the yarn contributed as well?

Pictured on shelf, top to bottom: Liebelei (single ply Merino), Nana and Nola (superwash BFL, Fingering and DK weight respectively). Also: yak yarns in the basket

I managed to quiz Michaela a bit about her dyeing process and her Estonian wool winder, both juicy information to me. ;) But I also felt a bit like intruding because I didn’t bring my knitting (sorry, you guys!). Next time, I will leave the husband at home and bring something to knit on. This was the last Ateliertag for 2016 but I am looking forward to next year!

Michaela lured us to Cologne with new undyed yak bases (Link only in German), which I had to try, and Luna that I had been coveting for several months. So here’s what came home with me:

Left to right: Luna in an almost-white, Merino sport weight mini-skein and Bogart, DK weight 60/20/20 Merino, yak and silk blend ♥

The green yarn is already spoken for but only time will tell what I am going to do with the others. If all this piqued your interest, Michaela’s online shop can be found on DaWanda. And if you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to my monthly newsletter.

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