Uh, wow!

It’s the dog days of summer over here (finally!) which means it is close to two months since my last post! Seriously? But it also means autumn is right around the corner with sweater weather and all that comes along with it. Right? Right.

What have I been up to all this time you ask?

Well, my generous friend M. spent a whole day teaching me how to spin…
first-handspun-actionmole(That’s a day’s work right there, super bulky handspun!)

…and right after that, the husband and I had a wonderful weekend in Manchester.
Yep, that's us

On the knitting front, there were socks –

– and even more socks!
Yes, in my opinion socks are perfect for summer knitting, that’s why I always have a pair in my handbag. They are portable, quick little projects and if you chose the right pattern, you can get a few stitches in while waiting in line. It might be that with all the sock knitalongs going on (hello #boxosoxkal!), I got infected with the sock bug.

Oh, and don’t forget a certain IT conference that I co-organize with 20-something other people. That one kept me busy for quite a while, I can tell you.

I spent a bit of time getting myself a newsletter, as well. Currently, I am sending one out once a month with sneak previews, pattern discounts and other nice things. Why don’t you subscribe? You will immediately receive a discount code good on any self-published pattern in my Ravelry store as a thank you!

Somehow, I cannot wait for September to come around (new patterns, cooler weather and all that) but on the other hand I want summer to stay just a little bit longer. Hope you had (or are still having) an enjoyable summer as well!

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