Rheinischer Wollmarkt 2017

Hello everyone,

today I want to talk to you about another yarn-y adventure of mine. It’s been a while already but all the way back in June my friend M. and I went to Euskirchen to visit the Rheinische Wollmarkt.
I’ve got a few photos for you after the jump.

First of all we were pretty shocked that there were so many exhibitors at all. We totally didn’t expect there to be so many yarn-related vendors! The knitting uprising is still in full throttle I guess. ;)

Hand-dyed yarn-y goodness
Hand-dyed yarn-y goodness by Lieblingsstück

The sheer choices of yarn bases were amazing. Lieblingsstück (seen up there) sorted her yarns by silk and non-silk bases. I guess because it was so hot (I even got sunburnt on my head of all places) it made sense to sort them into woolly and non-woolly items.

Seidenhase makes beautiful Angora yarns

Then we went and checked out Seidenhase. The owner has about 50 bunnies herself and collects fleeces from two other livestock owners so she has enough for producing yarn once a year. She also has full control over where the fleeces for her yarn come from, which we could appreciate. The yarn is not cheap but then again you know that not a single one of the bunnies used for this yarn had to suffer for its production.

Fleeces from alpacas kept in Germany

There was another vendor from the Netherlands who brought whole fleeces from Dutch and German sheep breeds. Since I am not that much of a spinner, it was easy to skip those. But these super-soft baby alpaca fleeces we had to check out! Even though it was more than 30°C (86°F) that day, we stuck our hands in there and what can I say, it was heavenly! Again, I was sorry that I had to leave it all there.

The alpacas!
There were even alpacas! Good that they had lots of shade, though.

Here’s another view of part of the Wollmarkt:

We also had a short talk with Michaela of Wollfaktor who oddly enough recognized me (hi, Michaela!) although we only spoke briefly during her Ateliertag at the end of last year. And of course I had to get some of her BFL lace yarn as well.

It was a great experience all in all. My friend even won a birdhouse in a charity raffle, which was the only thing she really wanted from the choices of prizes. I think we are going again next year, this time a bit better prepared as to the plenty of choices. Perhaps I would even take the husband so he could keep me from buying more yarn. ;)

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