My friend’s wedding

So on Saturday (as I panicked on Twitter) was the big wedding of my school friend. She’s one year younger than me but her husband and she are in their tenth year of relationship. What an achievement!

Because they got married last year already, they wanted their church ceremony to be big and nice. And that’s what they really got. The reception was held in a four star-hotel with excellent service, the buffet had almost 15 courses and there was a cake stand with dessert (nomnom).

And did I mention that I sewed my own dress? Only the day after the Boyfriend mentioned what an extremely crazy and even courageous idea it is to appear at a wedding this size with your homemade dress! What if one of the seams had come apart! …to be honest I didn’t think twice about it, because I didn’t have anything else that would have been appropriate for such an occasion anyway. Have a picture:

I pulled an all-nighter to finish it last minute. That’s so typical of me! All in all I slept maybe three hours that night. And yes, the photo was taken when nobody was allowed to sit yet. ;)

The Boyfriend took the pictures for the couple, so they saved on a wedding photographer. The poor guy was totally anxious and nervous a whole week before the event even started. We appeared at the church an hour and a half before the ceremony to check the light and take a few trial snapshots, so it was a stressful day for the both of us. Needless to say, the Boyfriend also stayed up awake with me, so halfway through the reception he didn’t want to take pictures anymore. That’s when I took over. My best moment was when one of the bride’s friends asked me how I got the photographer’s camera! So I guess the Boyfriend looked pretty convincing in his photographing people.

I will give you a little spoiler on the wedding photos, too.

Looking at it now, her dress was A-MA-ZING! Really wide and with maybe twenty layers of dress in that skirt! The groom wore a simple black suit, I expected something more show-y with maybe a fancy pattern. But at least he had a bow tie. The Boyfriend hates bow ties. :(

For the first wedding in my circle of friends, it was a pretty awesome event with many people attending. And the guests got along well, that’s always a plus. ;) The Boyfriend and I even made some new couple-friends!

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