Things other than knitting

There are many non-knitting things going on around here lately! Here’s tonight’s leftovers of another upcoming project of mine.
This is what our floor looked like before I tidied it all up. A huge heap of paper, white bits and blue bits and darker green bits. My mother was so not amused when she heard I was doing this. Her comment was, “Why do can’t you do anything the ordinary way? Does everything have to be extraordinary?” It took me a bit to swallow that question but my final answer is, yes, it has to be special for me. Every. Little. Bit. It’s just the way my head works.

And another sneaky bit!
A little oval box that I painted with blackboard paint, so it’s easier to write on later. Which reminds me, I still need a chalk pen. (Note to self: Start a list so you don’t have to go shopping every day!) All that’s left is a ribbon that I don’t know how to put on it. :D

On a different note, it’s officially summer now! What are your plans? We want to go away for a week at the beginning of July but other than that, I hope for a nice, long, relaxing summer.