Being frustrated

Recently I’m highly frustrated. All around people celebrate their birthdays or want to marry, or even worse: people want me to marry. Next week, there’s a conference I co-organized together with other volunteers and that’s also very relaxing keeping me frustrated.
On top of that, I can’t seem to get any knitting done. Or rather, anything finished. That doesn’t really lower the frustration level, I tell you.

For example, in January I started this sweater in light fingering weight yarn (!) that turned out to be too small at the waist and too big at the shoulder part.
Then I knit a Toujours sweater that has rolling edges and is also too wide in the upper area.
My latest failure is a Monomania cardigan that I knit from stash yarn, where I decently swatched and blocked, but when I tried to join the shoulders it was all waaaay too small because my gauge had changed!

All I could finish knitting this year is four pairs of socks! Honestly?!

Well, what does one do when one gets frustrated? Exactly, shopping!

I got myself this yarn and pattern kit. They are fingerless mitts in lace weight yarn by Bombella on Etsy.

What could go wrong in sizing, they are fingerless mitts.

A beauuuuutiful geometric brooch by Parker and Lou-Lou which arrived in no time at all but I didn’t get to take a picture, yet.

And most recently a knitted necklace by Amy Lawrence

It’s a necklace and it’s knitted and has a chevron pattern! How could I resist? (All pictures are shop pictures!)

Let’s not talk about the yarn purchases. I plan to knit until the end of my lifetime, apparently.

Meanwhile, I spent my time knitting my first lace shawl. It took me three false attempts to get really started, but now I’m happily ploughing along.
It’s Rappaccini’s Garden Shawl by Anne Podlesak:

This was shot shortly before publishing this post, but the colour is pretty accurate and exactly matches the sofa I'm sitting on while typing this!
This was shot shortly before publishing this post, but the colour is pretty accurate and exactly matches the sofa I’m sitting on while typing this!

I can happily announce that I’m midway through the last repeat and then there’s only a lace edging keeping me from completing my first all-over lace project. So perhaps it’s not the knitting I fail at but the measuring. I swear I will properly have myself measured by the boyfriend when all this craziness is over! *shakes fist*

One thought on “Being frustrated

  1. Hey, don’t be frustrated. You are doing amazing and beautiful things. There are always times, that just seem to make it hard on you to finish things – trust me, I know – or to do them right. Often we do things more right than we seem to notice – its the rules that are wrong.

    You are a perfectionist – don’t let that get you down.

    Kisses – your lovely mate.

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